Wednesday, September 15, 2010

“Are you ready for the longest day of your life?!” –Julie Harrison

No Julie Harrison, I am not ready for the longest day of my life. In fact, I’d like nothing better than to crawl into bed and take a nap. Unfortunately, this is impossible due to the fact that I have been homeless for the past week and half and do not currently have access to my bed. But I guess I should try and save my sleep energy for the plane when I’ll need it most. I’ve been up for 3 hours and can confidently say that deciding NOT to curl up in the chair at work and try to nap is the best decision I’ve made all morning.

Like breakfast, bad decision #1: I’m not quite sure what possessed me to have a donut over my Mellow Mushroom leftovers, especially since I don’t generally like breakfast and have never handled sugar in the morning well, but there you are. Yay for being unhealthy on my last day in the states! I feel so American! (Even though donuts are originally thought to be brought over by Dutch settlers and later modified into the classic donut shape by an American named Hansen Gregory. It’s all quite controversial as to who’s the ‘real inventor’ of the donut, but that’s another story.) I can already feel the sugar crash setting in, which goes great with my sleepy state.

Bad decision #2: Abby has convinced me to take some medication to make sleepy on the plane. This could quite possibly be the worst idea ever. One of my biggest fears is that I’m going to get a blood clot and DIE. Airplanes, particularly long flights, are where you acquire those! Especially if you sit still for too long. And if I’m sleeping, I’ll be still and I’ll get a blood clot and I will die!! And I can’t die before I get to London! Or, if the clot doesn’t kill me on the plane, all the walking around that I’m going to do in London tomorrow (but really, much later on today because it’s the longest day EVER) will force the clot to travel to my brain or something and I’ll die on the street outside the London Eye. Or, if the pills don’t put me to sleep and give me a clot, they’ll make me act loopy and I’ll turn into Liz Lemon and think I’m sitting next to Oprah or something.

These are the things I worry about. Welcome to my mind, it’s a very nonsensical place.

But hopefully I won’t die on the plane. I won’t get ridiculously lost in the city. I’ll get into the classes I want and my internship bosses will love me and want to offer me a job. Hopefully, everything will be grand. And not too cold…



P.S. This is me, getting ready to go to the airport. I'm so European, I've already got my scarf!

P.P.S. A very big THANK YOU to all of those who’ve let me sleep on their couches, in their beds, or on their floors for the past week and a half. Please know that your hospitality and generosity is extremely appreciated!!! I owe you much more than these few simple words. Look for my postcards in the mail and your present on my return!

To Chris, who was the first to let me crash on his couch and teach me valuable life lessons about how to really deal with ‘girls’ night.’

To Dan, who let me watch Project Runway in the living room and taught me that wining at cards is everything in that apartment.

To the Boys of Pride Rock (Will, Dalton, Trevor and Spencer), who were kind enough to let me use their residence as my ‘home base’ while I was in Ft. Worth and for staying up for those late night chats I love so much.

To Joey, who let me use his house as my personal recuperation unit and for showing me the comfort in spending time with an old friend.

To Jose and Kim, who fed me the best homemade meal I’ve had all summer and own possibly the best coffee maker in the world.

To Su, who drove me everywhere on God’s green earth between Ft. Worth and Dallas and still packed my lunch in the morning.

To Caroline, who took care of me like she was my momma and has the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in. EVER.

To Julie, my best friend in the world, who gave me the funniest and most wonderful going away present a girl could ask for.

I love you all.


  1. devon,

    i love your writting---i look forward to readying more..... have fun and be safe.


  2. It IS the best coffee maker EVER! Good luck Devon! This is going to be wonderful!