Saturday, December 4, 2010

"Make Cupcakes, Not Horcruxes" - Laura's Shirt

Don’t let the month fool you, everything that happened in this post happened over two weeks ago in November. The 16th of November and Jeffrey Zerda’s birthday (might I add). When I showed up to work on Tuesday, Ben decided that since I did such a good job with Africa that I was going to be the ‘Art department’ for a while. Woo-hoo! No more research! I was more than happy to work with props and pictures until I realized he wanted me to use Photoshop. Oooo, I haven’t used Photoshop since junior year of High school, this could turn into a mess.

Something about Paris Hilton that I didn’t previously know is that she owns a goat. Why you ask? Because she’s an idiot. And the writers wrote a joke in which says something to the effect of Paris thinking her goat was so sexy she was comparing it to Marilyn Monroe. So Wicksey wanted a picture of a goat in a Marilyn Monroe dress. Righht. So I set to work and after about 3 hours, we have this beautiful masterpiece that you see here:

It’s not the greatest workmanship, but not to shabby all things considered. Everyone loved it and thought it was perfect, so as long as they’re happy. Sarah was in the process of putting all the ‘media’ elements of the show together and I knew when she got it because she immediately burst out laughing. “It’s got to be the weirdest thing ever, but it’s perfect. I love it!” Cheers Sarah!

Next up was my oh so favorite class about people skills. Today’s helpful topic, the interview! *gasp* I don’t think anyone in this room has EVER had an interview before. Especially since you had to go through a phone interview with all the companies you were interested in, and then an in-person interview when you got to London, and none of us have ever had a job in our field that required being interviewed before, and this definitely isn’t something that’s covered in both High school and College. What was so specially about this was that we had ‘secret questions”. Oh no! This is ridiculous, but I got out of class an hour early, so that makes me happy. Especially since I was heading over to Chelsea that night!

Laura and I decided that making Harry Potter shirts for the movie was a necessity, so the day before I had bought shirts and Laura was buying the supplies and today we were meeting up to have a shirt decorating party. This was my first time visiting their IES dorm and I had no idea where exactly it was. Thankfully, Laura was still out in Covet Market when I called, so we met up there before going back and she guided me through Chelsea. In some ways, I think the group that lives in Chelsea lucked out. It’s the ‘posh’ side of town and it’s soo pretty at Christmas. They have all these nice little shops lining Kings Road and the Christmas lights are spectacular! Baker street, while an amazing central location, is covered in touristy stuff. Their side has a more ‘living in London’ feel. But, it does take a10 minute walk to get to a tube station, and they have two people to a tiny room, so in that way, I lucked out.

But it was so good to see Laura! As usual, my first impression of her was completely off. When I first met her at orientation I saw a mess of wild red curls and overheard her and Matt talking about this play and that play and all the plays they’re going to see in London and thought, ‘ohh no, theatre people.’ But I’m incredibly happy that I was wrong! Yes, Laura is definitely a theatre child, but she doesn’t have all that incredible energy all the time, and is quite down to Earth. The more time I spend with her, the more I love her. The funny thing is though in many ways, we’re incredibly alike to the point that we tease each other and say ‘we’re the same person!’ I love it when I’ll start telling a story or something and she’ll say “that reminds me of this” and I’m like YES, THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT I WAS THINKING! Or visa versa.

I was kinda disappointed when I opened the ‘pack’ of shirts that I bought and it ended up not being a ‘pack’ but a single shirt. Booo. I gave it to Laura since I could just go get another one, and she was kind enough to buy the fabric markers. So our shirt decorating ended up being her decorating and us chatting. Her shirt says “Make Cupcakes, Not Horcruxes” bahaha. It reminds me of my mom’s button from the 70s that says “Make Bread not Bombs”. You hippie, Laura, you!

On Wednesday, Wicksey told me that this time, he wanted me to create a picture of hundreds of African children for Bono. Something about Bono I didn’t know is that his RED and ONE campaigns actually only give about 1.2% of the profits to Africa. So the joke is that he could have made this many kids happy:

But instead, he’s made this many kids happy:

And yes, I was told specifically to make the .2% a head. Ridiculous, I know. The more I look at this picture, the more problems I find with it and mistakes and the obvious duplication, but they all think it’s wonderful. I guess it’s because the rest of them have no photoshop skills whatsoever, so as long as someone else is somewhat competent and the picture looks ok, they’re happy.

The freaky thing about being at work all day now is that I sit right next to the window, and it gets dark around 4:30 now. So if I’m there till 6, it’s pitch black outside when I leave. It’s a very eerie feeling to be sitting there and getting totally engrossed in your computer and then you look outside and it’s black. It feels like it should be midnight and it’s 5 in the afternoon. But after a day full of photoshop and research, I was ready to go home. And by home I meant the grocery store and then home of course!

Thursday was a rather full day. I went to my Art class where this week, we went to the Somerset house. It’s a rather cool place architecturally but art wise, it’s very small with just a few galleries. All the same, I enjoyed the entire room full of Rubens! And they were setting up the ice skating rink in the courtyard so it made me excited for ice skating! I seized the opportunity to break away from the group early on, so I went about the museum at my own pace and left when I wanted. Personally, I think it’s the way we should be allowed to go through, but oh well. I left somewhat early-ish because I wanted to go buy a new coat and boots before my theatre class at two.

Thursday was also the day that I had to register for classes… in the middle of theatre class. So I brought my enormous hunk of a laptop to class with me and since I didn’t see either one of the plays we were talking about, I had an excuse to give my limiting input, TCU needs me to be on my computer! Thankfully, I got into all the classes I wanted to! My schedule includes: Nutrition, Video III (where we’ll be producing a reality TV show), Propaganda Analysis, Creative Non-Fiction and Media Images. Two of which are writing classes for my minor, one a writing emphasis class, one where I’ll be helping to create a TV SHOW, and only one insignificant blow off class. If you don’t see me next year, it’s because I died of either stress or paper writing, but all the same, I’m rather looking forward to it.

When I finally got home that evening, I had to make shirt for Harry Potter the next day while secretly cursing all you people in America who got to go to a midnight showing. Sadly, the UK doesn’t believe in ‘midnight’ showings so Matt booked our tickets for 8:15 on Friday night. I ended my long day watching An Education, eating popcorn and learning how to draw Harry Potter letters. Never a dull moment in London!




  1. Ferris Bueller Thief. What did your shirt say/looklike? and btw do you know there's a font on the computer that's called Parry Hotter that you could have used to get your lettering? knowledge for the future, use it well.

  2. that marilyn/goat needs to be a profile pic somewhere.

  3. Parry Hotter font? Oooh, Monica, I'm going to have to look this up.

    Haha. Happy Birthday to Jeffrey Zerda! I was lucky enough to spend that 21st birthday with him. We had sangria and cupcakes (which is my idea of a perfect birthday but I don't know if it was HIS idea of a perfect birthday).

    When do you come back? I know it will be after Christmas. Maybe in January? I kind of want you to stay there and keep telling me stories. Will you keep in touch with all of your coworkers?

    Aaarggh, I'm getting sad just thinking about you leaving London. :(